help me god

according to today's NYT, this "crocheted" bag is "The Get." duh.

p.s. there is a different and new sal f. bag on neimans that actually IS crocheted. only the brainiacs there refer to it as "knitted." guess it's the old george costanza opposites. btw, there is also a clever crochetress out there who has decoded this one.

p.p.s. to my local girl kelly b. who wanted to know where i got that lace book. found it at the village yarn shop. i think they had a couple other copies. i think you can also get it at the library if you don't feel like ponying up the 20 bucks. also, i'd be happy to bring it to a chix with stix meeting if you care to peruse it there...lemme know.


Amy said...

The spiral fringe didn't work for me on the other one, but I LOVE this one.

PutYourFlareOn said...

I've seen the handbag in person and it's stunning, a lot larger than I thought and I don't like the sprial thingies. But that handbag looks KNIT to me! But I'm new to kntiting so I could be wrong.

This doesn't look knit to me... wondering if this is hard to make?

yahaira said...

thats one sexy bag

andrea said...

I also saw that bag here!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I thought the bag was fugly until you started obsessing about it. Now I think it's cute. But dang, if you can create a *cheap* version I'd be sooo happy!

- MJ

Linda said...

Go to Nordstrom's website. Here is a URL to cut and paste:

Talk about knock offs! I just had to share it with you! I am posting to my blog right now my version of the fake-o-gamo.

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