rebecca vs. rowan

i love everything about this issue of rebecca, which arrived in the mail yesterday. i want to make all of the above. in no particular order. my fave is the blue bell-sleeved kimono-coat. this would be so beautiful in kidsilk haze "trance."

in the same package, but seemingly from another planet, is the rowan spring book. while i love some of the designs (namely, carolina) i am a tad mystified about some others. namely, the entire pirates of the caribbean section.

who does this guy think he is--john galliano? or johnny depp playing john galliano playing keith richards? anyway, i'm not sure any of the above could pull off the wearing of the concho belt "necklace." (though i would like to know who waxes his eyebrows.)

here's another that had me scratching my head:

i can only imagine the exchange that led to this fetching ensemble. let's see, shall we go with the pucci headscarf or the hat? yes. how about this stack of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and tyrolean fanny pack? hmmm...is that all you've got?

and what's with the oversized floral print shirt? it looks like they snatched it off a guy in sansabelts at OTB. the end result: carmen miranda meets fred mertz. in a final blow to minimalism, they apparently couldn't resist topping off their creation with a rabbit foot key chain. (no, i am not kidding. click on the image and you will see it with your own eyes.) the sad part is i really like the knit top she's wearing.

[sigh.] where the HELL is my chiffon?


Chris said...

That's going to keep you very, very busy!

aja said...

I'm with ya...the whole layers upon layers thing (boho shiek I think its called) has me mystified. It seems its not enough to wear just one cute outfit, now you wear 5 at the same time - that said, I really like her knit top as well ;)

Amy said...

The overstyled outfits are pretty funny. It's like their trying to do a very fashion-y look, but falling on their face.

Rebecca cracks me up too, what with the models always frolicing braless on the beach.

tammy said...

Rowan #39 ... ummm, yeah.
It's the whole multi culture, layer upon layer culture thing that is so stunning (stunning in a bad way). Are we in the Andes Mountains? no wait! Guatemala. errr, maybe we are just trying for punk rawk tribal fusion.
and what's with the bill cosby sweaters on the men?!
although I do like one of the chick outfits. too embarrassed to say which.

Nessie Noodle said...

OMG- is that one of the Olsen twins? holly hannah-

sometimes fashion should be dead.

clairity123 said...

yeah this 39 issue looks alittle like Santino meets lovely beach models in the andes.At least the last issue had a little cohesivness...you know romainian scandanavian orphans living in a gypsy caravan with footprints on their backs.

PutYourFlareOn said...

From what's I've seen of the latest Rowan catalogue I'm not going to buy it! I am really disappointed with unwearble designs. Rowan magazine 38 was my first and I loved everything in there!

As for Rebecca, from what I've seen I really like their designs. Sensible and stylish! Those photos make me want to get a subscription!

Nick said...

Hi Kate,
I agree 100% about the latest Rowan magazine. Nothing, I mean nothing, not even the Carolina by Sharon Miller, can cheer me up. Sharon must have gotten instructions to get out her large needles and come up with something shapeless. In a not-making-sense colour.

Christine said...

Ok, I totally lost it when I got to the chiffon comment. Ha!

The rabbit keychain. Oh my.

PERFECT KIMMIE_ilovenyinjune said...

all i want to know is what happened to andré?

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