it taunts me

flipping through the new saks catalog the other day, i came across the IT bag. again. the bag that has been taunting me. and haunting me. the bag that every craftphobic manhattan copy editor insists on referring to as a "crocheted carry-all."

this is the best view of this bag i've seen yet. i can't stop looking at it. and dreaming about how i'd rip it off. sorry to blather on incessantly about this. for all my blathering, you'd think i would just pony up the 1650 USD and be done with it. yeah. right. i just bought a new dishwasher for less than that. and trust me, if i could have knitted that, my husband would have taken up needles to help me get the job done.

why do i get so darned obsessive about these things? seeing it over and over is just reaffirming my initial desire. and i know the actual possession will never match my obsession with simply wanting it.


Chris said...

Oh, I can actually hear it taunting you. Are you sure you want to get involved with such a cruel bag?

yahaira said...

knit it or buy it already woman!
ok we both know which one is the obvious answer there.

Vanessa said...

I want that bag too. Are you going to knit it? Lets do a knitalong?

Amy said...

You don't want to pay that much for a knit bag, so therefore, you MUST knit it (and share the pattern with the rest of us).

tammy said...

think about it... for the price of that bag you could knit at least TEN of them. KNIT IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Knit it. It doesn't look that hard to knit. Go to Saks, eye the bag (take some photos if you can) and experiment with the stitches. Do IT!

- MJ

Anonymous said...

I recognize that knit pattern from one of my old counterpane books, if I can find it, I'll come back and post it {the name of the book}. It's clamshell something. You could easily make this with some soft leather, hardware and a sewing machine. I would line it though, I'm assuming it's lined in the original version.

clairity123 said...

i think its siren call is louder to you cuz its so damn familiar....you made one just like it only diff. So i agree with the rest of the gang...go to saks and eyeball it. You are a creative girl you can knit it!!!

shobhana said...

i understand your obsession. it is truly a gorgeous bag!

PnP said...

Our local knit shop is selling a kit similar to the bag. You can see it here. http://stitchcafe.com/designerkits.html

Good luck! Hope to see your version soon!


Alex said...

AHA! I saw the same one in The New York Times Style Mag only in purple. The description called it crochet but it's knit obviously! lol, you'd think the people at Salvatore's could label it right!

Corey said...

Kate, on a completely different tangent, I did a search on "scallop counterpane stitch" and eventually came across Beeton's Book of Needlework on Project Gutenberg. This is a complete and total gem! You've probably already seen it.

Janey said...

I thought this pattern looked very similar to the one you said you are obsessed over on craftster (and here) --- at least until I came back here to look at your picture.
Oh well.
But check out: http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/lorraine/lorraine.html
It might give you some more help in your pattern search.

I got it while surfing knitting blogs, specifically: http://ellenbloom.blogspot.com/
(Scroll down her March 17, 2006 entry, entitled Knock-off Weekend.)

Happy hunting (and knitting)

juuli said...

Gorgeous as the bag is, I do have a problem with an invitation to a rip-off party (aka knit-along). I had to comment the knit-along in my blog today, and invite opinions!

Jeannette said...

I tried writing to you,Kate. I think I figured out the pattern. It's all garter stitch, except fo a few rows. Could I join your KAL?
One of my addresses is cejan_2000.
AKA Healthierheart.

The_Add_Knitter said...

OK, WOW...I can see why this bag is calling to you, it's fabulous!

Sônia Maria said...

I am brasilian woman.
I don't speak english very well.
I want that bag too. Can you tell me how to knit it?
My email is smalacerda@hotmail.com and my blog is www.bijouxdasonia.blogspot.com
Thank you.
Sônia Maria

Roxy said...

I must say, that bag is absolutely AMAZING. If you could email me the pattern, I would be so happy!



diana said...

hi, can I still have the great pattern of this bag... I really love to try making this beautiful bag, thank you..


florencia said...

Hi Kate,

I just saw this blog and the crater website, OMG, you have done this amazing job. I love the bag very badly. Please send me the PDF pattern, I want to make it. Please tell me hwat kind of yarn, should I use it? I can't wait to start knitting this beautiful bag. I promise I will post my picture. My email: f.sisterson@pacbell.net

Thanks in advance, Florence

Caro said...

Muy lindo este bolso! Sera que tienes un grafico de como realizarlo? Te agradeceria mucho si me lo pudieses compartir

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