wip: return of the butterfly

i've yanked madame butterfly out of the cocoon, kicking and screaming. yep, this is the same one i started back in august. and put away in disgust in october or so. i just couldn't get the stitches to line up right. but then...illumination.

i found this great blog with all kinds of wonderful butterfly tips. it really inspired me to make it work. and suddenly, i saw it. the diamond pattern was finally emerging. you can really see the (ahem) metamorphosis in this shot.

notice at the bottom how the diamonds aren't really diamonds at all. they're not even cubic zirconias. they're gooey amoebas floating in the ether of my poor misguided kidsilk haze. but then...amazingly...dare i say miraculously...the diamonds begin to appear. it took me an entire back and about 10 rows of the front, but i think i finally GET this pattern. i can see where i need to do what--even when if the edge decreases throw me off.

here's an aerial view:

(sigh.) i think i'm in love.


Chris said...

Love the aerial view! Happy lace magic.

knitchick2 said...

I've been waiting to see more of this one! Looks beautiful. Glad you worked the (ahem) bugs out.

yahaira said...

I'm so glad you revived this one, great work! This better be for yourself

nicole said...

Lovely. I have been eyeing this pattern for some time now. Nice job.

clairity123 said...

well now that the wings are emerging, and your needles are flying...it'll be all that much easier to do one for yourself.

tammy said...

I said it before... this is the first thing that has actually made me want try my hand at fine & intricate lace work!

Nessie Noodle said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! wonderful job. I love the texture in the close up shot.
agg! I am so jealous, your Mrs. B's are done. I am stuck, darn yarn and I are in a battle... any hints?

Sarah said...

Yay! I'm doing Butterfly at the moment too. It looks like you were one stitch off in the lower part. Glad it's working out for you now, and it certainly looks a lot more even than mine.

Love the Mrs Bs too, I think you've inspired me to make some!

I also love most of your future projects! I see the Cleckheaton Studio Mohair ballet wrap top is on your list - be wary, I tried this and got up to the collar. Then the collar turned out twice as long as it was meant to be! (or it would have, but I ran out of yarn) I've given up on it now. Did you find that pattern in a magazine? I have the book it's from. I'd be interested to compare notes to see if they've fixed the problem (but there's no errata listed on the website, so maybe not).

Dacia Ray said...

Gorgeous work! I love that pattern, but don't have the nerve to try it myself.

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