first FO of 2006!

detail 2: mrs beeton
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now mrs beeton has a clone.

the second one was just as fun as the first. coupla tips: mind the typo in the beginning of the directions where you're told to cast on with CC...you actually start with MC and work the bottom ruffle first. it's not that big of a deal if you don't...but it does make for a moment of confusion when you're ready to start the top ruffle. also, check out this awesome beading tutorial from deb. it's a miraculous technique for how to knit with beads without having to pre-thread them all onto your yarn.

these are even more frou frou than i imagined, in all their silky-hazy glory. yarn is rowan kid classic and rowan kidsilk haze in "swish."
thanks to whit for hosting this KAL, the fastest one i've ever participated in!


Chris said...

How fun! Frou frou, but the colors tame it down a bit.

clairity123 said...

i think i like the kid classic better than the rowan cashsoft the pattern calls for.

Anonymous said...

i read the directions before starting these and was confused as to the cc on the bottom ruffle, but i figured out that the bottom ruffle is supposed to be edged in the kidsilk haze with the beads and then you join the mc to knit the rest. you can kind of tell in the picture if you look real close. yours turned out b-u-t-ful!

mary-margaret said...

It looks fantastic! I love the muted tones.

sylv said...

they're looking great ! I'd really like to make me some too.. and Thanks sooo much for the link to the beading tut, I never thought of doing it this way but it IS much smarter !! (although I'd have to find the proper hooks..or larger beads.. ;-) )
Btw, happy new Year !

Becky said...

Thanks for the tips! I love how yours turned out. They really look great. I ordered some different yarn and will start again soon.

Ginger said...

Love your Beetons, I so need to make some of these.

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