wip: norwegian chin cosy?

norwegian heel
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is it just me or does the heel of my norwegian stockings look ever so much like a chin? and a weak one at that. or maybe a cosy for the chin on one of those shriveled-up apple dolls.

ok, so i didn't bother to reinforce the heel. maybe that's it. or, maybe it will work itself out when i block it?

something tells me this will be the sock which shall remain single for the rest of its life. which isn't to say that i won't knit another norwegian stocking. and another--its perfect mate. but this stocking, the poor, lonely, weak-chinned stocking, will be made to languish in a sock drawer.

until one day, it will realize that being single isn't the worst thing in the world. no. in fact, it rather enjoys being single. it can date all the other single socks. the lonely gold toe that lost its mate in the dryer. the misshapen fruit o' the loom. the tube sock with the hole in the toe.


jess said...

your heel looks totally normal! have you slipped it on yet? even though it looks odd, it will fit. and you're making such good progress. it would be a shame for this stocking to remain lonely its whole life.

i already posted at flickr but my Q about reinforcement is answered here (I didn't either). what size needles are you using again?

i was just going to suggest that you join the norwegian knits along...

clairity123 said...

Do not let this sock lanquish in a drawer!!!! Do not give up...learn from it...but finish the other sock!!!!!!! M says to let it mate and multiply.

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