wip: dwarfen

despite the glitches with stranding and gauge. despite the unbuttressed heel. despite all the goofusness. and yes, even despite the dwarfen length, i stand, one foot held high. i am damn proud of this thing, in all its smurfy, imperfect glory. thanks to mj and jess and clairity123 for your encouragement and support. you guys are the best!

now it's on to stocking #2, in which all the aforementioned tragedies become but a comic memory.


knitchick2 said...

Looking good! Glad you're going for stocking #2!

Melissa said...

It looks great - congrats!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're sticking with it!

Just think, your second set of socks will be much, much, easier! ;-)

- MJ

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