newsflash: knitting is in

dig the ferragamo bag

don't you just love how fashion designers have just "discovered" knitting and crochet? as if we didn't know it was in vogue all along!

but, i will say this...that ferragamo bag is to die for. and i think it could easily be knocked off. all you'd have to do is find an interesting enough top, a la that cool woven one. the counterpane scallops are very similar to the bag from melanie falick's holiday handknits.


Steph said...

I've come across a lot a lot of wicker-y bags in thrift stores, it should be easy to cut of the bottom part and attach a knitted bag to it. That bag is gorgeous. I also love the lace pattern and belt of the Oscar cardi. Great inspiration.

jess said...

oh my gosh! don't you think that bag looks like the clutch version of the handknit holidays bag you made?

jess said...

um, yes, you said that, didn't you ;)

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