the wristlet pattern

what you need:
baby or fingering weight yarn
four size 3 double-pointed needles
small crochet hook, size B
(U.S. sizes given)

what to do:
wristlets are worked in the round. cast on 56 sts and join, being
careful not to twist stitches.

rounds 1-4: *K2, P1, K4, P1, repeat from * around.
round 5: *K2, P1, work 4-stitch cable **, P1, repeat from * around.
rounds 6-10: *K2, P1, K4, P1, repeat from * around.
round 11: *K2, P1, work 4-stitch cable, P1, repeat from * around.
(same as round 5)

repeat rounds 6-11 six times.
work rounds 1-4 again and then cast off loosely.

work second wristlet exactly as first, then work crocheted edging on each of both:

one single crochet between the two stitches of the plain rib; chain 1, 7 double crochets in the center of the cable rib, chain one--repeat around each end of the wristlet. join at end with slip stitch.

** four stitch cable: place 1st two stitches on a cable needle and
hold them in front. knit the second two stitches, then knit the two
stitches off the cable needle.

this pattern was adapted by deb pulliam from an incredible collection of victorian handiwork books, published a century ago by weldon's. dover press has reprinted and reissued the entire collection...the original wristlets can be found in weldon's #8, p. 14 of practical knitter, 23rd series.

if you're at all interested in truly vintage stuff, these books are
amazing. you can't believe the stuff those victorians knitted up.

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Anonymous said...

are you talking about "THE" deb pullium who is world renoun fine knitter?

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