brake condom

mini brake cozy
Originally uploaded by hitbyabus.
i may have crossed a line here. now i am knitting for my car.

in an attempt to design a cozy for my stickshift, i ended up creating a condom for my emergency brake. (let's just say the initial design attempt wasn't quite bulbous enough.)

is this crazy? maybe.

maybe not. it's five below. your car goes dead. you're stuck in a blizzard. you lose a glove. with this handy emergency brake cozy, you're as warm and toasty as a grilled cheese sandwich.


Anonymous said...

Have you knitted some sort of
rubber material on the inside
of the 'dome. Plastic "sweats."
Also, and perhaps more importantly, you'd hate to grab
the EMERGENCY brake and instead come away with a ball of knitted
yarn. Safety first, knitting second.

Photogirl72 said...

I love it.

This is off topic, but when did the park brake become an emergency brake? Normally this brake is only used when you are already at a stop, so there should be no reason to worry about the cozy slipping off, right? I always thought it was just a "movies" thing where the driver grabs the e-brake to make a faster than should be attempted at home turn. Not only that, but my car doesn't have an e-brake. I own a 97 Ford Explorer. They have a parking brake that is in peddle form to the far left of the brake peddle. If you were to press on this brake while moving, chances are you'd flip/roll the car. It does not release easily, there is a hand lever to the lower left of the steering wheel under the dash. In all my other cars the parking brake handle has been in the center like yours, I would have loved to have had that cozy then. That handle gets dang cold when it is below freezing outside and all you want to do is release the brake so you can leave your house in the morning.

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