toot your horn

why don't you...wear a horn?

i blame diana vreeland. that fingernail moon of ivory looped through the tail of a flat, glittering gold chain is so impossibly chic. for the past couple of years, i've been wearing a little gold horn i bought for my husband back in the 80s. my italian-american mother-in-law gets a big kick out of it every time she sees it. do you know what that is, she asks me. it's to protect you against the mah-loy-kya! yes, this tiny charm, the cornicello, wards off all manner of bad vibes, including the dreaded evil eye. i like to layer mine with a couple of long, horned necklaces. paired with a silky plaid equipment blouse unbuttoned to there (find them locally at dado boutique), this trio of horns hits just the right note of boho grunge.

trio of horns, from bottom, free people horn charm necklace; my husband's cornicello and vintage horn pendant.


Knitting Up A Storm said...

Aw, I miss seeing you knit! Back in 2007, you were the first knitting blog I discovered and inspired me to start blogging those years ago. :)


knitlit kate said...

hey anna, that is seriously one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me. i decided to take a hiatus from knitting and blogging over a year ago due to some personal stuff. however, i'm sure i'll be back to both one day soon. in the meantime, do keep in touch with me on pinterest and/or instagram, both of which i'm very active on. wishing you the very best 2014 and many happy rows! xoxokate

Knitting Up A Storm said...

I took a little hiatus a year or so myself. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things & blogging. I'll have to look up your pinterest page.

Happy 2014 too!

Hughes said...

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