black swan or snow queen?

i want this look from the celine resort '12. only about 16 square inches of exposed flesh from head to toe and still one of the sexy-chicest looks i've seen this season. go ahead. remix some stuff you probably have in your closet right now. LBD + slouchy black pants + major black belt. and you know you can whip up some slinky black gloves, don't you? but the one piece that takes this look from a 98-lb chicling to a black belt in va-voom is the white platforms.

one part barbie doll, one part nurse ratched, they are fully fab when used to offset an all-black look like this. these white platform boots from UO would work. here's a look at the real thing from celine. the unexpected pop of bright optic white in the darkness lightens and elevates the effect, preventing it from going too goth. or perhaps all that black prevents the white shoe from becoming too sweet? either way, i'm sure both the black swan and the snow queen would approve.


Black chain strap bag said...

The first black dress make me think about a super hero in manga, that's really funny, that one maybe not fit for casual dress! And the lady should choose a black chain strap bag with her on cwmalls.com

lates frgrance said...

Black dress is from my pont of view more suitable for various occasions...

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