simple pleasures

 i've been working on purlbee's simple pleasures hat for a couple of months. yes, months. i knit a round and put it down for a week or so. knit a round and put it down. and so it goes. finding time to work on this has been no simple feat.

but it does seem perfectly apropos that i'd find time to work on it again while enjoying one of the innumerable simple pleasures at my disposal here in paris: knitting on the train.

another simple pleasure is the fact that our flat is across the street from a cinema that screens classic hollywood films. on deck for this week are two of my favorites: dial M for murder and now, voyager. i love this still from the latter featuring the divine miss D engaging in her own simple pleasure: knitting on a cruise.


lucinda said...

i made that hat last winter and love love love it.
seeing you on the train reminds me of our wild wools adventure to NYC.

think of you often.

can you believe chace turned 1 this week?


Anonymous said...

Ah, I love train knitting! Living in Boston, I get to do a lot of it. It's amazing how much I get done on the train. =) I hope you have a wonderful stay in Paris!

knitlit kate said...

ahhh, luc, i remember that trip so very well. what a wonderful time with wonderful friends. and i cannot believe chace is ONE. i hope to see you this summer and finally meet the little love! xoxo

WendyB said...

Looooove Now, Voyager!

Passionate Blogger said...

You're just like my wife - well, almost - she crochets while on a trip (car, plane, bus, etc) and loves to watch the classic - something I can't understand, but I love her for it.

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