holly go glovely: it's all in the wrist

with winter's holiday parties in full swing, i think it's time to talk to the hand. the opera-gloved hand, that is.

check out these fine knit specimens from anthro, which always has the most lovely knit items when the weather turns colder. these would be pretty paired with a vintage sheared beaver or camel coat. i'd even consider wearing them with a strapless shimmery cream dress. the play of a soft, cozy knit against party sparkles would be an eyecatching and unexpected combo.

inspired by a killer pair of opera-length missoni gloves i spied in a boutique in saratoga springs, i created my own version, the ms. oni opera glove (pattern available upon request).

long knit gloves like this look amazing worn with a coat with three-quarter length sleeves. i have a short black cape that i like to rock these with.

but there is even more to a pair of opera gloves than meets the eye. pull on a pair and make a statement without saying a word. according to victorian glove etiquette, the opera glove puts an entire repertoire of coquettery at your fingertips. next time you're out with your friends sipping a champagne cocktail, try one of these victorian flirtation signals. you never know where it might lead.

twirl your gloves around your fingers = we are being watched.

hold the tips of the gloves downward = i would like to meet you.

gently smooth the gloves = i wish i were with you.

hold gloves loosely in your left hand = i am happy

strike your gloves over your hand = i am not happy

drop one of your gloves = yes

drop both of them = i love you

turning the wrong side of your glove outward = i hate you


Sarah O. said...

I love your ms. oni gloves! Please, do share the pattern!

yoel said...

The Ms. Oni gloves are wonderful!!

Nnenna said...

so interesting to learn about glove etiquette! thanks for sharing!

fabriquefantastique said...

fun blog....I learn something new every day.

knitlit kate said...

thank you for visiting and commenting on my ms. oni gloves. i am thinking about posting the pattern here...stay tuned!

Kurtney said...

Very suitable for cold weather. The weather today is very cold so it's a perfect wear today. And I love the colors.

Moe said...

Hi Knitlit Kate! I know you are busy planning your move to lovely Paris, but would love to have your Ms. Oni pattern.

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