black & white & red all over

via fashion illustrator and blogger danny roberts. 
swedish model frida gustavsson on the cover of german vogue. i love this painting. and i also love the idea of the top depicted. imagine a simple, short-sleeved black knit top with a slit near the neckline for a swath of creamy silk tied just so. add a sexy red pout and you're good to go.


Siga said...

A nice airy mohair or a very thin cotton mix? I love that idea!

rach said...

love it.

knitlit kate said...

an airy mohair is a great idea siga! and rach! thanks for stopping by :)

365 Fashion Rehab said...

Thanks to you, I am now obsessed with this painting!!! I went to the site to see if I could buy one, but couldn't find it! Do you know if it's for sale?
Love, P

365 Fashion Rehab

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