crop or not?

louis vuitton fall 09

let me be brief: i am short.

short as in shortest-kid-in-the-class-all-through-school short.

short as in i-worry-about-being-decapitated-by-the airbag-in-a-car-crash short.

i am five-foot-one to be exact.

bless me, trinny and suzannah, for i have sinned.

i have fallen head-over-five-inch-heels in love with a pair of cropped trousers.

call me short-sighted, but i am gonna pull this look off, dammit.

and thanks to the similarly vertically challenged anamaria wilson, i now know just how to do it. she writes about the new pants in the current issue of bazaar.

tips for pulling them off:

* wear a skyscraper heel. flats quickly transform cropped trousers from fab to frump.

* size totally matters. stefan pilati, who pioneered the abbreviated silhouette at LV, says in the article, "you have to manage the volume of fabric; otherwise you end up looking like a wagon."

* add a dash of panache. pair with a cropped or short jacket, basic tank and "accessories with lots of punch."

j. crew fall 09

did someone say "accessories with punch?"


in case you need another reason to love cropped trousers for fall: anklets and heels, socks & sandals, peds and platforms. call me short, shrimpy, dwarfen or crazy, but i am planning on diving straight into this look, too. feet first, of course.

naturally, stylish knitters had been showing off their socks and shoes long before the fashion cognoscenti got a whiff of the trend. check out this amazing 2007 FO shot by flintknits, one of my favorite knitting photos of all time.


and what about these lacy anklets by the fabulous laurent of laine zinzin?

i am not much of a sock knitter, but there is a pair of new cropped silky trousers in my closet that are calling out for a pair of dainty socklets to keep them company.

how 'bout you? will you sock it to the cropped look?


Martha said...

Sarah Jessica Parker is only 5'1" and she pulls off ANYTHING. So it can be done. I've always admired knitters and their socks with high heels look - not for me, though. I just don't think I could pull it off!

Clumsy Knitter said...

I'm 5'10" so I've always been at the opposite end: trying to find pants that are long enough to avoid the cropped look! Now I'm torn: is this the perfect opportunity for me, or am I a slave to my lifelong pursuit of length?!?

yoel said...

Well I'm 5'1" and a half, and I wear cropped pants all the time. Except that they look like regular pants on me. :)

clairity123 said...

are those your tiny lil feet in your? gigantically high platforms?? its one thing to be brave about racing your bike thru mud and ruckus.....this type of bravery is amazing!

tyna said...

Love your blog! I read the style mags looking for knitted items and I'm so glad you're keeping us up to date.
Keep the posts coming, the new fall mags are just out!!

Karen/BobbinBombshell said...

I love the socks with the heels look no matter what your height. For me, being 5'10" I will keep that look with skirts. Short pants look like hi-waters!

maramae said...

I know this isn't in the proper spot but for some reason I can't "link" to your e-mail to request the pattern and I oh so would like it. My e-mail is mlbrigham@hotmail.com. thanks so much for sharing

Karen/BobbinBombshell said...

I'm back to let you know I've given you a blog award! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I'm 5'9, so no issue here, but one of the secretaries in my office is teeny (I'm talking MAYBE 4'11) and she wears cropped pants and looks really cute in them. Heels and correct proportions are key. Post pictures of the result!

bjl said...

you know kate, i'm 5'2" and i always thought you were taller than me. you could pull anything off. :)

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