cape fear?

like many knitters, there was a time when i thought if i never saw another poncho or cape, it would not be too soon. in fact, i felt about ponchos and capes the way i feel about backward baseball caps and goatees. enough already!

but lately, i am starting to come around (again).

starting with this drop-dead-gorgeous cabled cape from louis vuitton. featured in this month's phonebook-sized vogue, it's part of a return to forties-glam that's made modern with a warm-grey pencil skirt and accessorized with a flirty bow, dark leather gloves, and thin, chocolate brown anklets paired with pumps. what makes the cape work for me is that there is not one iota of boho to it. it is chic, lady-like and veddy british. classic.

the moment i saw this cape, i thought of this ruched beauty from last year's amimono fall collection.

my friend michelle is making this out of the rich mushroom isegar alpaca 2. it is as soft as powder and drapes perfectly.

i pulled this missoni ad clip out of my inspiration file. not sure which fall collection it's from; 2005 perhaps? but it's every bit as beautiful today. which is more than i can say about backward baseball caps and goatees.

cape or cloak? readers of this blog who happen to be fashion history nerds (and you know who you are), may appreciate this enlightening diatribe.


Christie said...

I am so with you on this one. Less boho, more chic. I have a Debbie Bliss cabled cape in my queue...can't wait to start on it!

Ria said...

I really love this cape from Paul Smith RTW 2005 collection.


kat said...

all so chic...i must admit i do like ponchos and capes. what can i say, it's in my blood.

Rachel said...

You've totally captured my dilemma - I've been vocally anti-poncho for years - but now find myself admiring capes... I'm telling myself that capes are different because they button up the front, but who am I kidding! Fickle fashion sense.

Susan Holloway Scott said...

The circular yoke and the volume remind me of the Marc Jacobs/Perry Ellis sweater you posted a while back. Always interesting to see how often designers revisit a fav style "theme."

And yes, nuthin' boho about it.

clairity123 said...

but it is so way not your jr.high school poncho.....i loved them then and adore them now.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the cabled cape/poncho in the new Rowan Magazine made out of alpaca cotton. I work in a knit shop and we have it in the shop. I am with you, I was over them until I saw this.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for patterns for these fabulous caoes. Especially the Louis Vuitton one for 2009 RTE. I am obsessed and I think the bottom portion is knit in the round and then the top is knit in 6 pieces and assembled. Any suggestions on where to get a pattern like that? Please help. I totally want to make it because I love it and I can't afford it.

Anonymous said...

This is a little late, but I just came across your blog and thought I would add to your list of capes/ponchos that are making the rounds in knitting circles. In Wendy Bernard's book Custom knits, she has a pattern for a "Not-A-Poncho City Cape." Pretty simple but aesthetically pleasing.

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