4 random cheap thrills i love right now

1. minty-fresh summer legs! found it in between the power bars and the herbal tea in wegmans' organic section. about $2.50.

2. just read about this in allure mag. they claimed it was the best blowdry prep ever. guess what: they just might be right. a couple of foamy pumps of this stuff combed through wet hair turned my naturally frizzy mop into sleek goddess waves. found it in CVS, right next to the murray's pomade. under three bucks.

3. spotted this shade on an uber-cool shopgirl in the chloe handbag department at sak's. it just happened to match exactly a certain chloe handbag which is still slyly beckoning to my empty wallet. perfectly sky-blue "shelter island" will have to do for now. brush a layer of basecoat over the top for a decidedly different matte look. about eight bucks.

this silky linen blend is pure eco-luxe. one part woodstock, one part catwalk, it blends a natural hand with a glam sheen. the perfect light, yet drapey fiber for VK's summery-chic ruffle cardigan.
about eight bucks.


Sara said...

Love the blue polish!

Dana said...

I too use and love the Motion's wrap lotion. It's wonderful!

Pascale said...


Do you sew?

There is a project, fanned bag, in the book "Simple Gifts to Gtitch" that could be the pattern basis for the chloe handbag.

Pascale said...

Check out:


Jillian Rueter said...

Oh how I would love to try that yarn! I love your blog!! :)

Michelle said...

ok, first i think i remember using the foaming wrap to complete lovely pincurls while in beauty school, and second, where did you get the yarn? local?

Wendy said...

hi i read your blog alot and HAD to send this link to you. These are incredible


knitlit kate said...

thanks for that link wendy. the sandra backlund stuff PLUS the blog in general are amazing.

Wendy said...

sure! made me think of you so I had to send it!

Anonymous said...

ah you truly ARE a goddess! THANK YOU for the tip about Motions! I used it last night, in the south, during high humidity, and my brillo pad hair do turned into a silky LONG (who knew?) mane i can flip around at people with abandon. Oh. sorry. i think i must have FLIPPED YOU WITH MY LONG SILKY HAIR!!!
I am from Out West and had no idea what the hey humidity even WAS until i moved here. Do you know i actually threw away ALL of my water glasses because i thought they were leaking? (stoopid condensation) and i used to think there was a mist in the air.
So i have walked around with brillo pad hair for several YEARS now but no more!
Thank you thank you thank you.

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