marc jacobs obi-sessed

today, i found the yarn equivalent of marc jacobs spring '09 collection: a metallic burst of shiny, lurex-y, electric color also known as ironstone paris nights and paris metallic. imagine the obi sash you could concoct out of this heavy metal.


Sara said...

Pretty! Where did you get it? What brand/fiber?

Pascale said...

Have you seen Rowan Lurex Shimmer? Unfortunately discontinued but well worth hoarding if you can find any.

Marcia Cleary said...

Hi Kate, Love your ideas for shimmery razorback vest. FYI I have lots of Rowan's Lurex in stock - give a shout if you want me to send you some for your vest!! At the moment I'm knitting pink cashmere toddler ballet sweaters for little flower girls, Pink is fun! Marcia

Team Knit ! said...

That is some seriously awesome yarn!! What a great find.

- Julie

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