studying anthropologie

anthro never ceases to inspire. this little ditty makes me want to take up basket weaving. what a lovely specimen of woven knitting, which, coincidentally, is covered in equally lovely detail in the current issue of IK. correct me if i'm wrong, but this appears to be a version of the traveling slip stitch shown in the brown swatch on page 33 of the mag. floating a diamond of it in the middle of a sea of stockinette is such a creative solution to the innate tendencies of woven knitting to curl. i can also imagine a woven-diamond detail like this providing beautiful texture as well as clever shaping at the bodice of a garment.

here's another bit o' anthro honey. for a moment, i thought it was a variation of my fave handbag stitch. upon closer inspection, i realized this is actually colorwork and subtly textured stitches embellished with tassels. (and you know how i love an embellishment.) not since this bodacious top from hollywood knits have tassels seemed so much fun.


mooncalf said...

What a beautiful jacket. I would knit that in a shot! Amazing design!

luxeloops said...

i noticed the exact same thing about that sweater when i got my anthro catalog. i would love to knit it!

Monica said...

ooh, that anthro cardi is lovely...I'm always inspired by their stuff, but never actually try and de- and reconstruct them. i hope you're going to knit this...:-)

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