i die

call me bananas, but the rachel zoe project has all the earmarks of becoming my new guilty pleasure. the bravo "docudrama" (apparently the term "reality show" has become declasse) debuts next month. in the meantime, i'll have to settle for a disappointing season of project runway and gossip girl reruns.


Overanalyzer: said...

i saw some episode of this that was on bravo (maybe a sneak peak?) and she is HORRENDOUS! but the show could be juicy, i agree. my current guilty pleasure is "date my ex" which is tragic, but i'm staving for it since rock of love and the bachelor are over!

jenna said...

We die together. I commented aloud(during the most recent disappointing episode of Project Runway) that Rachel Zoe is probably going to have to be my new favorite program. Sigh... also, I just caught up on the entire first season of Gossip Girl and am counting the fabulous trashy seconds until Season 2. Dang.

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