viva italia


i don't know what it is. the ponytails. the pearls. the tights. one part audrey hepburn. one part coco. with a soupcon of josephine baker thrown in for good measure. and yet, this is not so much a photo about looking back as it is about living in the moment. in any event, this sneak peek of vogue italia has it all going on. ciao bella!


Monica said...

I love Vogue Italia...it's such a true fashion magazine. I gift myself with one every few months or so. your sneak peek is a prime example.
I'm also realizing that pink is making a comeback in my life.

knitlit kate said...

monica: thanks for your comment. it reminded me of another point...vogue italia (as a true fashion mag) uses (gasp!) real models on its covers! to me, this is so not an oxymoron. i am downright tired of so-called fashion covers with hollywood celebrities shilling their latest project. i'll take daria, liya, alex, kate, or agyness over britney, lindsay, nicole, etc, any day!

shanna said...

i think one half part madonna as well.
thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!


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