see chloe knit

perusing the world wide webs for summer knitspiration, i came across this adorable see by chloe knit dress. kind of retro, but modern. love the detail at the waist. i would love to find a yarn in that exact shade of blue. rowan 4-ply soft had a lovely shade of pool blue called "bluebird," but it's discontinued. 4-ply cotton would be nice, but no really wonderful blues. alchemy silken straw in janboy sapphire looks pretty fab, but always hard to tell online. in any case, i can totally picture this dress with a pair of white pointy keds. so knock-offable!

check out this free download from VK. i think this square-neck top could easily be adapted to the chloe look by narrowing and lengthening the silo, adjusting the neck, and adding tabs in lieu of sleeves. okay, maybe i shouldn't have said easily, but it would certainly be a fun challenge. and aren't we all up for that?

more summer top "it knits" include this from one of my faves, nora. and this bit of loveliness from kim hargreaves's nectar.


juicyknits said...

The dress is kind of maritime. Oh, this dress AND some red nail polish! That's summer.

knitlit kate said...

i know, right??

claire said...

oh! i love that dress! knitted dresses are just perfect for new zealand's un-sweaty summers. just need a yacht.

Team Knit ! said...

LOVE that dress! Looks like it could be so versatile too, different ideas for the detail at the waist, different strap/sleeve ideas... definitely gets the brain moving, doesn't it?

- Julie

Monica said...

oh you should check out Phildar's new catalogue (only in french)...there a couple of dresses sort of like that. 80s inspired they say. I love them, but can't knit another dress this year. it would ruin my life.

shopgirl said...

The Kim Hargeave's pattern is totally one of my new favorites.

Would love to see you take off on your own chloe/phildar design. Take good notes for us, k?

Marcia said...

Hi Kate! Love the idea of this summery knit dress. Check out Classic Elite's PROVENCE in De Nimes Blue. I love this silky cotton yarn and the color palette is great! Happy Summer!

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