a visit from the yarn fairy

the funny thing about having a bum knee is everyone thinks you have all this extra time on your hands...or on your ass as the case may be. ("hey kate, just be thankful you don't knit with your knees!")

well, the bad news is i don't have to type with my knees either. my legs can't do the walkin, but my fingers are another story. which means, no lollygagging around here. there's work to be done! or so my clients tell me.

none of this will stop the yarn fairy from his appointed rounds. above is the haul from the second visit. he dyed many of these himself. a self-proclaimed old fiber fart, this yarn fairy, also goes by the name of "mad max."

one of mad max's pieces...the guy is amazing.

this is the guy who made me a garter belt for my wedding day that was strung with fire-engine red twelve-inch lengths of silk fringe. it was bedazzled with so many rhinestones, i had runs in my stockings just looking at it.

"thrums" are what he calls these mini-skeins of undyed silk, linen, flax, cotton and other wondrous fibers.

but even more wondrous than the fibers was this tiny ladybuy i found stuck to one of the cardboard cones of wool. it's as if she lit upon this wooly tangle and became transfixed. i know the feeling.


lekkercraft said...

oooh that artwork is really beautiful!

Gotta Knit! said...

Have to wonder about those folks. I get the "oh you'll have so much time to knit" when I am home sick. The problem with that is I AM HOME SICK which means I feel like death and sleeping or whimpering most of the time.

Love the yarns. Think I spied Be Sweet yarn in the top.

Michelle said...

i am sure you know kate,lady bugs are luck! good that is.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

beautiful installation from your friend - and great materials you're being given... of course, yarn aquisition resulting from illness may promote further future ilnessess.... :)

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