i love this animated gif paper doll promoting a cool show in providence called craftland. seeing this sent me deep into the archives of the scary black hole that is my junk drawer.

behold bette in all her 1940s splendor. i guess paper dolls back then were a little more modest.


Amy said...

Cool! I wonder if retro paper dolls are making a comeback. I was at a fun craft show last night that had several versions, hand-drawn paper and hand-made cloth ones. So fun.

jenna said...

I used to get down with my paper dolls all the time! I always thought my mom was a genius for taping toothpicks to the back when the heads got bent over.

tangledup said...

I always loved paper dolls...and haven't seen them around for a long time. Your pix brought a smile to my face; thanks Kate!!

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