so. in. love. when i first posted about another version of this bag, i was informed the yarn was gedifra gigante (and you are so right, gina). but now that i've seen this one, i've become obsessed with finding this exact color. to be honest, i woke up at 5 am one day last week and had to go to my laptop and start madly googling because i had had a dream about it. the sad fact is there is no solid grey gedifra gigante colorway that i can find, on yarndex or otherwise. i did find a source for the feathers, which are actually called "eyelash" feathers in the trade. i also have an idea for the top part of the bag which could be very fun. but first: must find the perfect yarn!


Gina said...

I'll call Linda Pratt, who is an executive for Westminster (now the distributor for Gedifra) and ask her if we can get you that yarn. Chin up!

Debbie said...

that bag is so over the top that I love it! Good luck on your hunt.

Olgajazzy said...

Not to contradict Gina, but Gedifra also makes Super Gigante which is much more drastic in the thick n thin effect, but the colorways are kinda powdery..
so Gigante is your best bet on the color 2315 or 2333 colors would be best!

michele said...

have you thought about contacting the ozark handspinner about a custom order?

or there are lots of other handspinners on etsy. i bet one of them would do a custom order for you.

Anonymous said...

Rowan biggie print disc. color 235. on Webs it looks like it could be greenish - on the yarn index it looks totally grey. Janice

Heather said...

I too was lusting after this bag but not being a *Grey* person, I'll be knitting a version in Autumnal colours with leather and wooden bead handles.... well, I've got the yarn and handles all set to go - just got to knit the thing!!

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