found: twinkle buttons

here's an online source for the twinkle buttons (as shown on BFF cardi above) from one world button. maybe you can get your LYS to stock them for less than five freakin smackers per button. yikes...come to think of it, that's pretty steep!


ysolda said...

I couldn't find them online but my lys sells very similar buttons that I'm pretty sure are made by Inox, possibly a cheaper option :)

knotology said...

Those buttons cost $2.50 wholesale so they're gonna be $5 retail from most anyone . . . we just got them in at String, the small are $4, the medium $5, the large $7. Just FYI!

janice said...

yay, but why are they so expensive??

Anonymous said...

mjtrim.com sells big buttons like those as well! (they have a regular store in manhattan, but sell online, too).

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