wip: wallis

i should cast on for the vest i've promised to a friend (soon...soon, jason). i should finish the other rowan project i started recently. so much for knitterly guilt. i have been eyeballing bat-winged "wallis" from rowan 38 forever. and i finally gave in. with grand plans of knitting it from some stash yarn, i soon realized i didn't have nearly enough. and then i came across this gorgeous aubergine kid classic in my lys.

the trellis lace pattern is an easy read, which made it a great car-knitting project while driving up to vermont with my hubby last weekend. this is my first experience with kid classic. it's soooo incredibly soft, i will overlook its slight splittiness. knit up, it has a beautiful, light hand with just the right amount of fuzziness.


Amy said...

I do believe you are the first knit blogger I've seen knit that pattern. It's really cute.

Lesley said...

I have been eyeballing this pattern as well! It's been on my to-knit list forever and a day, but I've never had the balls to knit it. I cannot wait for you to finish it so I can see how you like it.

shopgirl said...

wallis looks awesome, if not a bit epic. It'll be nice in a fuzzy yarn, looking forward to seeing more.

Weelo said...

hi kate
your blog is gorgeous!
last year a woman that i adopted to be my mom taught me how to knit
all i can do is the knit stitch
made many scarves last year
and taught my two boys at their request
we are cold weather knitters
and knitting season is in the air
i love the three of us sitting in our den
quiet except for the sound of the needles
and an occassional scream when one of us inevitabley drops a stitch
thanks for contacting me!
your long lost pal
and long time fan,

Michele said...

love the color and the diamond pattern.

michelle said...

i LOVE kid classic, I think it will be perfect for this project. Can't wait to see this!

lomester said...

You got me intrigued. I cannot wait to see the end result!

pamela wynne said...

love this pattern! And I don't think I've seen one finished yet. Can't wait for yours. :)

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