the perfect knitting chair: part 1

a, b, c, or d? actually, it's none of the above. the bottom line (ok, pun intended): i need a new knitting chair.

when we lived in our first apartment, we had a futon that folded up into a small couch. back then, i considered it to be the perfect knitting chair. it was wide enough to cross your legs and/or set down a pattern book next to you; it was firm enough to provide good back support and moderate butt comfort. it was low enough that you could get in and out of it with ease. and it was ugly enough to be hauled to the curb the moment we bought our first house.

lately, i've been thinking about that futon. mostly as i've sat knitting in one of the chairs above, pondering what i love (KNIT) and hate (TINK) about each and every one of them. it's all part of my quest to find the perfect knitting chair--a quest only a true knitter will appreciate.

KNIT: sentimental value--one of our first joint furniture purchases.
TINK: armrests get in the way of long needles; cushy down seat is good for sitting, but not for knitting.

KNIT: mod, upright design gives good back support, lack of arms gives total lateral freedom.
TINK: seems a little small and the seat may be a tad too hard for marathon knitting sessions.

KNIT: sentimental overload--this was my grandmother's treasured chaise; it's good to put your feet up.
TINK: fugly fabric (sorry gram); those dang arms again; not easy to sit crosslegged.

KNIT: great back support; groovy upholstery.
TINK: the thing weighs about 500 lbs. and i'm not sure i could convince my hubby to schlep it up a flight of stairs into my knitting room; you can only sit one way.

coming soon: pull up a chair and help me sort through some "perfect" options.


Olgajazzy said...

My Favourite so far, i am dreaming to get. It comes in different colors.
My friend in Philly scored a fakie for only 200$

Ikea also has some good ones, like this a knitter has

Holly said...

I found my knitting chair quite by accident. We were shopping one for a parlor sofa. I saw a glider chair and had never sat in one....so....it was the PERFECT knitting chair. The arms are in just the right rest while you're knitting place and you can use or not use the footstool, which, by the way, glides with the rocker. Think about it....

Ellen said...

I wouldn't give up on the Granny Chair. You could reupholster it in a funky fabric, and shove a husband pillow in the back to push you forward when you want to sit cross legged.

erin michelle said...

I second the re-upholster the granny chair. Give calico corners all your money and they'll do it and it'll be fun. I feel that being able to put the feet up is an integral element of the knitting comfort!!! DO IT.

Alison said...

My knitting chair and something you might consider is a chair and a half. It's big enough for hubby to sit with me and yet mostly I sit anyway I want with pattern to side, plenty of room and knit away. The chair is snall enough to fit into any space in the house and currently resides in my bedroom with my stash. Good luck.

jenna said...

I'm also putting my money on the chair and a half. (No, I don't have one. I'm just guessing that it would be perfection!) Arms in case you want to lean, but not so close that they'll get in the way of the needles. Enough room to sit cross-legged, but I'd throw in an ottoman for when you need to stretch out.

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at office chairs? Not always well upholstered, but arms can be removable, backs adjustable, height adjustable and frequently swiveable!! Use a similar footstool to hold feet or at the side for patterns.

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