pretend you care

i'm killing two tags with one meme. a little warning: i suck at these things. i think i have performance anxiety or something.

it's supposed to be weird stuff, so here's what i got:

i was hit by a transit bus while crossing the street in ridgewood, new jersey. we were in town for my husband's cousin's wedding. i had just had my hair blown out. somehow, my blowout and i made it to the wedding unscathed. i think i am still getting bonus points from my mother-in-law for that one.

dizzy gillespie held a door for me once.

my lip gloss stash is almost as psychotic as my yarn one.

i'm going to ride my bike across the state of iowa this summer.

i faint every time i get the glaucoma test at the eye doctor's.

i am the only person my husband knows who hates both "caddyshack" and "my cousin vinny."

i once got a ride in the oscar mayer weinermobile.

the word "weiner" makes me laugh.

okay, now i wanna hear some weird stuff from one of the coolest bloggers down under: carson.


andrea said...

somehow your blog disappeared off my bloglines radar and have been missing your blog for several weeks now! EEK!!Glad to be caught up now.

Carson said...

oh no! gargh!
ok, ok

erin michelle said...

ride bike through iowa, stop at erin or die's house, power up with some lasagna, ride on \m/

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