any knitting instructor who can refer to a knit stitch as a "crotch" one moment, and turn it into a reference to iron butterfly the next, is a freakin' legend in my book.

that's just annie being annie.

the knitting heretic herself, brought her mad, red skillz to my hometown yarn shop last weekend for a class on colorwork, and yours truly was scrambling to keep up. here is my sad little swatch. it barely deserves to be called a swatch. it's more like a swench. despite my inability to produce anything even remotely close to a plaid, i had a blast. if you can call three hours of working intarsia stripes, checkerboards, and stranded plaid a blast. and god knows i can.


Carson said...

Looks like a-swatcha to me

jill@decornextdoor said...

Great colors! Looks like a plaid and a blast.

erin michelle said...

was it so fun? it sounds like fun. very cool. stop acting like a swatch is supposed to look like genius right away when you are learning something new! everything you do is fabulous, k???

Leslie said...

I tell all my students that when they count stitches, they need to poke their needles into "the crotch."

Have you seen the "Snatchel," yet?

Olgajazzy said...

Blast is the best, but it is just so hilarious!

Christie said...

I took a clas with Annie when she was in Chicago last month. Isn't she a fantastic instructor and not to mention an all-around hip lady?

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