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xmas tree shopping
Originally uploaded by hitbyabus.
not much knitting going on lately. instead, we've been in a full frenzy of christmas prep. here's our godchild dana from last weekend's tree-cutting extravaganza. it was a perfectly cloudy day as we made our way down the path to find the largest tree in the forest and chop it down. NEE!


Jane M. said...

wow, kate, that image is just about perfect. i love it!

Brown Pants said...

Tha's a gorgeous photo. Did you take that? It's very impressive!

Carson said...

spooky photo
(hope you get a shrubbery for xmas)

lisa said...

Hey Kate, found you through Ellen at Purl Diva. Great pics here! we're after xmas tree this weekend. I'm easily entertained by most of them, but dh has to find the "best" one.

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