purls gone wild wins!

i suppose it's only fitting that the winner of my "where's the wild wooly" contest is none other than a truly wild chick. congrats xtina...and keep your eyes open for a skein of wild shammy-soft cashmere 5 by artyarn. watch this space for more "where's the wooly" contests coming soon! next time i'll try to make it a little more challenging!

also, check out this adorable bangle from aussie crafters modamuse. maybe this is what i can do with my melted bryspuns.


clairity123 said...

wow they look just like my melted bryspuns too....hey those melt really easily...maybe wrap around a lite bulb?

Carson said...

Now you see this is the crazy & amazing thing about the 'net; I find out about an Aussie designer via your blog!

About letting loose some wild woolies...well it's not exactly 'wild' where I live (technically inner city) but I do love a challenge!

Not sure how quarantine would feel about it tho' but I won't tell anyone if you don't ;)

allison said...

i saw those bangles elsewhere recently too...can't remember where though. they're such a cute idea.

Glaistig said...

I want one of those bangles. Badly. Melting Plastic Needles Tutorial anyone? PLEASE!

Loveliekreations said...

what blog did u find these bangles I would like to orde some :) Please

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when I took my Addis up the vacuum. . . Check my post from November 2, 2006!

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