bah humbug

cheers to debbie e. who correctly guessed that the wild wooly tagging depicted below is located in the park at eastman place in rochester, ny.

or i should say, was located.

the sad fact is, the day after our notorious tagging expedition, our beloved orange-and-green knit wall mysteriously vanished. along with the 10-foot christmas stocking that was hung by the 490 expressway with care.

it is our fervent (and, quite possibly, insanely naive) hope that somewhere in our fair city a once-chilly homeless person is now swathed in wild and wooly goodness. and perhaps curling up at night inside a toasty sasquatch-sized christmas stocking-cum-sleeping bag.

a christmas miracle? a girl can dream.


Carson said...

How mysterious.
I hope it is keeping homeless people warm and not sitting in some local Council lockup somewhere.
Great idea..it's like culture jamming with fibre.

Anonymous said...

That is horrible - Scrooges!!!!! Here's to hoping it will come back!

clairity123 said...

well i certainly hope that is the case also. There are rumors here in maine that wild woolies are running amok in Rockland and Thomaston.

Anonymous said...

What other probable explanation could there be??

Kelly B said...

Well my cats certainly had a great time cuddling up on the giant stocking, so let's hope there's a random homeless person out there doing the same!

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