18 reasons why i love my chix

i didn't get to go to my chix with stix meeting last night, but thanks to jenna, i feel like i was there. every week, jenna (the lead chick) writes these funny and pithy "minutes" and posts them
. this latest one just came in over the chix newswire. (kinda makes you wish you were there, too, doesn't it?)

1. you walk into Spot, look right at Adriana, and announce to kelly that "no one is here yet."
2. Kelly's mom wants to come knit with us at Lux.
3. Jenn's parents think we are supreme dorks for knitting in bars. (Little do they know...)
4. James is knitting a sweater.
5. ...from a pattern.
6. Kim loses all ability to comprehend numbers and proceeds to cast on for 2+ hours.
7. you leave with less sweater on the needles than you arrived with due to the fact that you no longer know how to knit.
8. erin promises not to curse about minimum wage if Kelly's mom comes to knit.
9. you have developed an unhealthy attraction to your modular scarf.
10. you call your mom and ask if she can estimate the circumference of your grandma's hand.
11. James tries to gloss over the fact that his buddies moved to Pittsburgh to start a real, live, commune.
12. a passerby asks if you are "all friends" and Erin screams out, "I don't even LIKE these guys!!"
13. after eleventy-billion pairs of fingerless gloves, you're waxing poetic about photo shoots and "glove love."
14. after eleventy-billion and one pairs of fingerless gloves you're now muttering under your breath, "I am a cottage industry, I am a cottage industry..."
15. you believe that Jenna's neighbors are probably vampires.
16. you're putting your heads together to invent colonoscopy-prep drinking games with a Food Network theme.
17. you're mentally preparing the playlist for your Colonoscopy Mix Tape.
18. it seems reasonable to make Top 18 lists rather than Top 10 or Top 20 or something.


yahaira said...

I really want to watch that food network show!

Anonymous said...

jenna does such a great job recapping so it feels like you were there, only to make you realize what you missed for not being there, no?! :) i missed it the other nite too, and will unfortunately have to pass next week as well :(

Kelly B said...

Hehehe.... that's my colon that everyone's getting excited about!

rachel said...

Oh.......I miss you guys....

erin michelle said...

C.W.S. recaps make me realize how bad my tourettes is. oy. come to lux!

jenna said...

Ha. It's nice to know my dorky re-caps are appreciated. :) I never know for sure if I'm spreading good cheer (and jealousy) or spam.

nichole said...

Kate...I want to see those pics from lux!

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