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i love how missoni breathes new life into the poncho with this sumptuous knit number. the stitches look almost like knit ribbons. and the classic missoni chevrons reimagined as monochromatic, sculpted panels are genius. how can something so cozy be so sexy at the same time? i guess it helps if you forget to put your pants on. or maybe THAT'S the secret of erin's secret underpants...?



Hmmm, very nice. Stella McCartney has done something similar but with cables. The Missoni is much nicer! How are u going with Bonnie?

Carson said...

Yes, there's a lot of "oops, I forgot my pants" action these days. Some of them seem to think a wide belt passes for a skirt!... I think that officially makes me a disapproving old woman!;) oh dear.

Like blackdogknits, I'm also wondering how bonnie is coming along.

jenna said...

So will my knits look better if I am sans pants? :)

Linda said...

Go to Nordstrom's website. Here is a URL to cut and paste:

Talk about knock offs! I just had to share it with you! I am posting to my blog right now my version of the fake-o-gamo.

I posted this comment under your entry for 2/26/06, but I don't know if you will get it from there, so I reposted it here.

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