joy of saks

the only thing better than receiving the fall saks catalog is opening it up and seeing "textured knits" everywhere. of course, this is the cat's code word for "cables." leave it to the fashion world to tell us yet again what we knitters have known all along--knits are it. a full page of copy (as if anyone actually reads anymore) is devoted to wool and (be still my heart) extra fine merino wool.

in addition to some of these fab matisse-y fashion illustrations, not one, but TWO of which are knitting-themed, knits are everywhere in the book, from some cool layered marc looks to a very knock-offable tracy reese oversized vest. there's even a pair of super cute leather & rubber boots by juicy with cabled inserts. (no, i will not be attempting a copy of those.)

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jenna said...

Love those illustrations!!

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