"this is not fashion camp"

ah, but it is, tim, it is. the campiest fashion i've seen since austin scarlett fashioned a couture gown out of wilted corn husks. in short, project runway is back on the tube. and last night, i actually had to put down my knitting so i could watch. twice. (to be honest, i was in the middle of the learn & burn turbo jam DVD when my friend peggy called to ask if i was watching. but that's another story.)

first impressions:
malan breton. verrrry greeeeeeeezy.
the architect. is she a he? no matter. that coat rocked. and i say that chick is the new kara saun.
the chick that got auf'd. totally deserved it.
the guy who won. fuck the red buttons. what's so innovative about a bedsheet?
vincent is a loon.
the dress made out of coffee filters? brilliant.
nina needs to be bitch slapped.
the a-hole who decided it would be entertaining to force the exhausted designers to sleep in their still-ransacked apartments needs to be bitch slapped.
i like the shaggy dude who made a skirt out of a down comforter.
not one of them holds a candle to jay.
and finally, "wackadoo?" ok, michael. whatever.

carry on.


Olgajazzy said...

Hey, Kate, I am with you, you want to tell that guy go wash his hair, eeeww.
I watched it first late and oh my... i liked the dress with red bows in the back and that comforter one too! didn't care for others... that dude with the basket as a hat, that was hillarious.. I was surprised he was kept. But I liked the show Heidi has much better that Tyra's, it's so intense. It's my first time I am watching it though =)

jenna said...

A Bed Sheet with Crooked Red Buttons is fashion innovation and the Rug Collar Coat was just adequate?? Whatever. I thought Basket on the Head totally deserved to be auf-ed over Sheer-ish Ill-fitting Dress. But I fully intend to incorporate "wack-a-doo" into my vocabulary at the earliest possible opportunity! Michael Kors never disappoints. :)

rachel said...

The redhead and her rocking coat got my vote, too. As did the white dress with the red sash/beaded crap off a lamp. It was way cute. I never thought I'd see IKEA textiles walking down a runway...

And Marlan probably molests little boys. He's just downright creepy.

Amy said...

Oh, I like Vincent. He's great comic relief. The architect? I'm sorry, but I got mighty tired of hearing about her 5 kids and how she never lets her appearance go. Phht. Noticeably absent was the full-time staff she must employ to watch those 5 kids while she architects, fashion designs, and spends all her time looking fab. I liked her coat, but not her 'tude.

Malan. creepy creepy creepy. His laugh is the proverbial chalk on a blackboard.

Anonymous said...

I was totally in love with the coffee filters!! And I agree there is nothing innovative about a bedsheet with buttons, but you couldn't even tell that it was a bedsheet which made it cute.

I'm predicting that Jefferey is going to be the new Santino.
Stacey was ridiculous with the shower curtain dress, but I am very interested in Vincent's craziness. I hope he doesn't make anything stupid to get him kicked off next episode.

I made sure my knitting was completed before the show came on and I quickly painted my nails during the commercials.

Julia said...

I agree on every point. That Coffee filter dress was the most innovative thing on that runway. Did you watch "road to the runway"? That creep dude got in last season adn DECLINED the show, and they let him come back!? WTF?

Melissa said...

The architect is totally a man baby! Maybe she should show off her lack of boobs so much. Milan is so creepy - I think he's full of shit. Loved the coffee filters!

Amy said...

Malan seems a bit like a sociopath, and I rather enjoyed watching him, but I think it's going to take some time for me to get sucked into this season. That apartment challenge was pretty dumb, especially with the fact that they made them sleep in the trashed apartment. Typical idiotic, reality show hijinks. I was also irritated that they spoilered the bottom three with that texting poll. At least Tim's podcast was posted in a timely manner. I love listening to that during my morning commute.

diana said...

Seriously, I with you on almost all of these. The bedsheet? And WTF was Nina saying with the buttons were "just adorable"? Begone nice Nina doppleganger! Bring back the real Nina.

Shirra said...

I completely agree with your Runway ops. I was not a fan of the blue sheet dress. The coat was awesome. And Malan is an odd duck. It will be an interseting season.

genie said...

I could not have said it any better myself!!! I completely agree on all points!!

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