look away from the television

right. see? i can do this. because, this is, after all, a knitting blog, not a reality show blog. (at least until 9:00 PM EST tonight.)

so, this is me not blogging about project runway. it's so easy! it's so fun! i can write whatever pops into my head! um. as long as it's about knitting.

the idea that i had this morning for a blog post was actually thwarted by the fact that my camera's battery is dead. and if it wasn't a hundred and billionty degrees out, i would haul my ass to the CVS down the street and get a new one. which means i can't show you the amazingly green fake-a-gamo clutchlet i am in the midst of making. let me see if i can describe it. well, it's green. and it's in that fancy fake-a-gamo stitch that apparently eluded every stitchery book known to man and caused a flurry of obsessive compulsive consternation among knitbloggers far and wide. it's just two pattern reps of the stitch. and it will have a zipper. maybe orange.

next. speaking of orange, i am thinking of making that multi-layer shawl from alterknits. the one that is row after row after row of stockinette stitch. fellow knitchick kelly brought hers to knit club last week and it is just dreamy. row after row after row of sheer, crazy, silky, orange kidsilk crack. which is what i must be smoking to even consider a project that is row after row after row of stockinette stitch.

AND I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT THIS. my kpixie order of karabella silk came today. ten balls. (can someone please tell me: what is the difference between a ball and a skein?) it's all shiny and crunchy. did you know silk is crunchy? this, i will use for the hucci cucci cropped cardigan i am trying to devise a pattern for. my genius knitting friend olga is also thinking on this one. which is a very good thing, because i don't have a freaking clue how to work the bodice of this thing.

the balenciaga cable sweater. must make the balenciaga cable sweater.

the other thing i've lately been thinking about for fall: the turtleneck, batwing sweater from rowan 39. ok. they call it the "wallis." which sounds about a thousand times classier than "turtleneck batwing." can you picture the duchess of wales in a sweater named "turtleneck batwing"? i can't. it actually sounds like something one of the olsen twins would wear while carrying a giant starbucks doublecaramelespressomacchiatocappucinofrappe and walking around manhattan in bug-eye sunglasses bigger than vince vaughn's head and about 500 layers of marc jacobs knitwear. oh, yes. i must make the turtleneck batwing sweater.


lucinda said...

I too feel the need to knit the shawl out kidsilk haze, after seeing Kelly's. One more project to the list.

Sunflowerfairy said...

A ball of yarn is that- a ball. A skein of yarn is similar to a hank-longer coils of yarn together.

Yeah, I'll stop now.

Olgajazzy said...

Kate, I just got loaded with August issues, they all scream grey color in a knitted dress. I guess my hubby's UFO sweater might not make it, I may have a crafty idea of frogging it and using for myself (where is that halo smile face over my head).

clairity123 said...

i am sorry cheri, i must live thru your blog. Your bro understanding as he is ....snored on the couch as i outraged hollared " bitch" as Angela sneered when cutie face Keith was reprimanded for not ascessorizing his dog...but he passed. I can only hope they are saving the kick-off for Angela.Now you were so goood in not blogging on the pr choices.
Please bring green clutch to view in person and and any other way cool things you are knitting and plotting,...i can't wait to see

Ava said...

Can't wait to see the clutch.

yahaira said...

ooo I can't wait to see what pattern you come up with! but will it work in pure silk? with all that ribbing I would think you would want some wool

Amy said...

I am in love with that cardie. Can't wait to see how yours comes out.

kate said...

you and me both amy! didn't get too much done over the weekend. was in nyc at the inlaws and needed a project i could work on very brainlessly at the beach while sitting in a beachchair sipping pinot grigio.

good thought yahaira. but after swatching with about 7 diff yarns, i decided to take a shot on the 100% silk. i may end up regretting it, but we shall see...

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