hucci cucci gucci

finally catching up on my backlog of bazaars and came across this adorable cropped cardigan. it's hard to see in this pic, but the yarn seems to be a heavyweight cotton or silk...something with a bit of sheen. i love the shape of this piece with the little pouf in the sleeves. prim and foxxy at the same time!


Olgajazzy said...

Ahhh, Kate, don't we think alike, just yesterday a friend tore out and brought me that page from the magazine with the close up...
She said I will like it, wwwwweell, I looked at it before online, but the pic was too small to see the details. I am 100% sure the body is knit in one piece.
Are you up to a new saga?

Amy said...

Ooohhhh, I do lurve that.

Anonymous said...

that would be really cute were it not for those big sleeve things.
it looks like something from the bad part of the 80s. i have tons of vogue knitting magazines from the 80s and there's stuff in there that just looks...well, it looks like bad 80s "what-were-they-thinking" fashion.

PutYourFlareOn said...

Oh that is fantastic! I wonder how hard it would be to pick out that pattern? I, too, dig the shoulders!

Renee said...

I would be very interested in this pattern. My daughter loves it and wants me to make her one.

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