armwarmers: the perfect spring project?

up here in upstate ny, cool mornings give way to only slightly less cool afternoons. which is just as well. because i'm not quite ready to bare my still-winter-pale arms. most days, a light jacket is required. or, even better, light-as-a-feather armwarmers, knit out of whisper-soft be sweet extra-fine baby mohair. i'm thinking of a very fitted pair with slightly flared cuffs like this. if i knit an elastic enough top edge, they should stay put.


amy said...

those would be awesome! can 't wait to see what you come up with!

krazybarrister said...

oh, yes please. i've been looking for a good pair o' these, and i trust you will be the one to come up with it! so sad to have missed f-gamo's c-w-s debut the other nite! perchance next time?

sarah said...

Cute! I have a pair that was given to me from Victorias Secret with light pink and dark pink stripes just like that. I love them, they're perfect for those cold but not frigid days.

msfortuknit said...

Hey Kate!
I love making arm warmers this is super cute! K so my SP sent me the link for that skelly pattern and she said that they have fingerless mittys to go with!


have a great one

TllGurl said...

fyi, there are some featured in Leigh Radford's book, One Skein.
: )

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