WTF: knitting on grey's anatomy

Joe: Dude, is she knitting?
Derek: You know, as a friend, I gotta tell ya. You look a little weird.
Meredith: I am making a sweater.
Joe: You're knitting, in a bar. You can’t knit in a bar you're scaring the customers.
Derek: Come on, have a drink.
Meredith: I can’t have a drink, I’m celibate.
Joe: You mean sober? She means sober.
Meredith: No, celibate. I’m practicing celibacy drinking does not go well with celibacy, because it makes everything and everyone seem kinda porny. Even my head gets cloudy and the next thing you know, I’m naked. And my point is that I’m celibate and knitting is good for surgical dexterity so I’m making a sweater.
Derek: You celibate? I just don’t buy it.
Meredith: No more men.
(Addison walks up)
Addison: No more men? Really? You? (Derek gives her a look) I’m--I’m asking we’re friends.
Meredith: Every guy I meet turns out to be married.
Derek (Makes face): Ooh! Ouch.
Meredith: Sorry. Or Mark.
Addison: Okay, I’m gonna go over there now. (walks away)
Meredith: Sorry. Or remember the horrible thing I did? Remember George?
Derek: You’re making a sweater.
Meredith: I am making a sweater.


krazybarrister said...

do you suppose we scare the customers when we knit at the bar? ;)

oh, and there's no way izzy could knit a whole sweater between rounds in a single day. no way at all.

i will try to make the book signing ... can't wait to hear all the details about taking ms. modessit's class!


anneland22 said...

I have knit in a bar. Well, almost...we met at a Fridays and only chose the booth over the bar because we needed the elbow room.

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