fake-a-gamo: new swatch!

this is my swatch from lambsear from craftster's take on the ferragamo triangles. i think it's mighty good, but still not sure about the garter st triangle. on the bag, they seem much more sculptural and not flat like here. marjan from flickr is working on another version. i can't wait to see that. and of course, i'm still hacking away myself.

a few of you inquired about the yarns on the baby afghan, so here are my pattern notes:

pattern: "hot damn" afghan by jan metzger
yarn: goddess yarns "martina," be sweet "magic ball," schaefer handpainted merino, and fleece artist mohair, plus a bunch of pink leftovers from my stash.
needles: US19
notes: this baby works up so fast. i held together two-three strands of whatever tickled my fancy at the moment. you can really have fun with the yarns--it's a great way to use up all that eyelash and fun fur you bought five years ago to make scarves.

and finally, a happy 2nd bloggoversary to queen linktifah herself, amy at and knitting. not only does amy knit a mean cowl and pen some powerful bloggy prose, she also dishes up some of the most entertaining and eclectic links i've ever seen on a knitblog. keep it comin' amy.


Amy said...

The swatch looks wonderful!

Laura said...

I think the triangle needs to have more bulk. Perhaps less taper, a little more bulk at the bottom. The triangles on the bag itself are not flat, and that is what I think is giving it that dimension. It needs to fold onto itself a little as it tapers. Shortrows maybe?

Chris said...

Thanks for the yarn info - I think I'd call that a Spoiled Rotten Baby Afghan. :)

Amy said...

You are hilarious! Thanks for the link!

Melissa said...

Love your blanket - and I'm rooting for you in recreating the Ferragamo bag. Good luck!

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