knitpic o' the week

knitpic o' the week
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mary-margaret said...

I'm officially delurking.
Lurk lurk lurk!!!

Annapuh said...

Hi Kate.
I think it´s much easier knitting socks on four needles + one. You always decreace in the beginning or end of the needle, so you never need to use any markers. The pattern of the LCS is very well written, and easy to understand. (even for us in Sweden :o)
Good luck!
(was unable to open the link under your post at Handknit Holidays-alogn)

Annapuh said...

I heard that the socks became quite narrow by tha ancle (pardone my french.. spelling) That´s why I went for 4mm needles and the larger sock. Yes, it´s too bad you don´t speak swedish :) But it would be nice to see a picture of your socks when they are done!

Annapuh said...

and here we go again..
good luck with all those needles now!


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