falick vs. ferragamo

that bag again
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here is that bag again, in the latest issue of bazaar. much bigger than i thought it was. which, i think, makes me even more besotted.
which is making me think of making another counterpane scallop bag from handknit holidays, with slight variations...like adding those adorable little curlicues and a wicker top.


Amy said...

I just got that book on Friday and was thinking about how that bag would work much better for me if it was shorter. If I were to copy the Ferragamo I would leave off the curliecues at the bottom.

Chris said...

It is a cute bag, but definitely needs to be a little shorter - if it stretches at all (which it will), it would be monstrous!

PutYourFlareOn said...

Interesting! Can't wait to see your modified version! :)

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