top 10 things i could (should?) be doing at this moment as opposed to taking pictures of and blogging about my norwegian stockings:

1. knitting christmas presents
2. wrapping christmas presents
3. writing copy for my clients (oh yeah, that should probably be number one.)
4. cleaning the kitchen
5. doing laundry
6. calling my mother (oops, sorry mom, i meant THAT should be number one.)
7. clearing the piles of crap off my desk
8. paying bills
9. letting the dog out
10. getting myself another cup of coffee

of course, there is the number one thing i would rather be doing...and that is working on the damn things. i'm a little disappointed in my color choices now that the pattern is emerging. why didn't i pick something a little more girly? i guess i was thinking the charcoal gray would go with more stuff. like i am so gonna wear these with everything in my closet. the green and cream actually would have looked verrry cool with my new favorite color, peacock blue. think i'll go get myself that cup of coffee now.


Joelene said...

you guys need to stop tempting me with these stockings! I am too busy to knit them..... must not start them.... must be strong.

I can't wait to see these all finished up!

Amy said...

The grey is really pretty. I am so envious of these socks that everyone is knitting.

Melissa said...

they look great - i'm so impressed with everyone's intarsia (or is it fair isle?) skill out there. i'm too chickent to try it.

yahaira said...

I think you need to move the dog walking to number one, or is it number 2?!

Though you cant work on them, they are at least nice to look at! I better get back to knitting, I mean cleaning!!

Anonymous said...

I think your colors are good. I picked sedate colors for my Norwegian knits, wishing I picked something girly, but it's one of those things where what you want is not what you need. Anyway, you can always make another pair!

- MJ

clairity123 said...

i think they are wonderful!!!!! You could give them to me for x-mas then make yourself some girlie grey, rose and olive ones. I really need to tamp down my hideous fair isle envy.....i want to do it toooooo....nope, too many projects in the making. Please teach me when i get there...please!

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