extreme knitting geek tip no. 3

"this is pretty geeky...this is my go-to join for any kind of ends. also, when knitting fair isle, I join the color before introducing it at the beginning of a round by weaving it in on the last 5-10 stitches of the previous round."

thanks to eunny for the incredibly detailed instructions on how to do a russian join. quite frankly my friends, it's all geek to me. nastrovya.


Jane said...

Just discovered your blog via the link on naive knitting, and I'm very pleased I have. Love your writing and sense of humour. And where did you find those geeky photos?! Excellent. Anyone who can pun on phallic/Falick is doing a great job.

knittinjen said...

This join is FABULOUS! Will it only work with wool - have you tried with acrylic? I, too, love your blog. I just started blogging (umm, tonight as a matter of fact) and looked at your blog thru the messages at flickr knitting group.

My blog is called knittinjen (I don't know how to put a link in here yet). Check it out! Although I have not gotten very "witty" just yet. But this is fun, isn't it?

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