extreme knitting geek tip no. 1

"when you come across wicked knots and disgusting slubs, you take both ends and cut it out...then splay and fray both ends , overlap them, roll them into one continuous piece of yarn....then put it in your mouth and felt the ends together with top and bottom front teeth. you can actually feel with your teeth (and the spit) the ends felting together. when mashed together sufficiently, then roll in palm of your hand finishing the felting process....and voila! one continuous clean piece of yarn...yeah i know...geeky, but it works...actually you can do that to all the ends so nothing to weave in, it's all continuous yarn...oh yeah, you have to use spit...something about the acid in saliva."

yummy. thanks to clarity123 for the inaugural EKG tip. got an extreme knitting geek tip? share it with the world! or at least with the five knitters and one porno spammer who read my blog!


nicole said...

Wow. This really works? I have heard tale, but have feared my knitting would come apart at spit join.

clairity123 said...

it really does work, but only with wool...and wool thats not spun well(can you say noro).

Yarn Abuse said...

Tip: Fabric glue on knots, so I don't have to weave in any ends. Maybe that's more ghetto than geeky, though.

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