bella stella

who's cooler than stella mccartney? there was some truly stellar knitwear in her latest collection, including this tunic she herself sported. what's not to love? especially at this time of year...when you want to look great while shoving back a couple turkey legs and a dozen holiday cookies. can you say elastic waistband? and nobody would be the wiser with this sexy, yet forgiving top.

i also love stella's charcoal grey knit coat. another example that sexiness is not always what you reveal, but what you don't reveal. the chunky stockinette looks deceptively simple. check the easing on that armhole shaping and the soft draping of the sleeve. how does the girl do it?


yahaira said...

I must have her top! I wonder if we could come up with a pattern (or find one)

Amy said...

Stella's great. I wish my H&M had her collection.

Melissa said...

I'm checking out her new line at H&M today at lunch - hopefully it's not sold out!

Nick said...

to be honest, the tiny girl with the huge sweater looks all curled into some unnatural position. Now why would she want to do that. Stella's absolutely not one of my favourite designers.

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