river: done & blocked!

can't wait to wear it at a wedding i'm going to this weekend. i ended up doing one more rep per yahaira's advice...so 13 patt reps in all. after blocking, it measures about 70-72" long. haven't tried it on with my "outfit" yet...but when i tried it on over my jammmies last night, it looked fine with the scrunchie. and i think it may look just a tad more glamorous when worn over a silk camisole as opposed to one of my husband's old t-shirts.

and voila, la beaded scrunchie! isn't it cute? like a little sea urchin. the directions for the scrunchie weren't too specific in the book. also, they called for just 6 cm of elastic...which i thought was way too small to slide over the shawl without getting beads caught in the lace. i'd recommend making your elastic 8 or 10 cm. (about 3-4 inches). also, the pattern says to join the elastic ends first. i think it's easier to seam the scrunchie like a tube, THEN, slide the elastic inside and sew the ends of the elastic. then, join the ends of the scrunchie and seam those on the outside.


savannahchik said...

it looks great! how long did it get after blocking? did you do any extra repeats?

Kris said...

It looks beautiful! I plan on making mine in the same color.

yahaira said...

very nice! how was it beading the ksh?

and I can't believe I actually gave advice that worked (and that was taken)!

clairity123 said...

its lovely..and i love those beads, i think they look better than silvery beads, those beads look great with everything i swear!

sarah said...

Your River is gorgeous! Do we get pictures with the outfit? I love that shawl, it's one of the few I think I would actually wear.

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